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Solar Energy Systems for CCTV Camera

Product Name: Solar Energy Camera
Brand: Anfkom
Raw Materials:
Using Life:20 Years
Loading Port: Shenzhen,Shekou
MOQ: 40HQ Container
Packing:Carton Box
Shipping Mark: Anfkom
Lead Time: 30-35 days
Country of Origin: China


This solar system is equipped with 200W solar panels, 120AH lithium batteries and PWM charge controller. Output of this system is 12V DC.
We also provide other solar systems, like 360WH, 480WH, 720WH, 960WH, 1440WH, 2160WH and so on

Complete solar power set including solar panel, battery, charger, brackets and some wire. What you need purchase again is only a pole to mount the solar, or directly install the bracket to wall.
1). Solar panel
Peak power is 100W, monocrystalline / polycrystalline silicon optional. Working voltage is 18V, short circuit current is 5.55A.
2). PWM controller
A PWM charge controller is included in default package, it is with digital display. We can view all data in real time
3). Polymerized lithium battery
Lithium battery is small and light, and it has a longer life to use. After battery is full charged, this solar set powers 1pc bullet camera and 1pc wireless CPE for 3 days.
4). Waterproof box
Battery and PWM controller can be put into it, to avoid rain and sun exposure.
5). Mounting bracket
Mounting bracket is included, solar panel should be installed to it and mount the bracket to pole or wall.



Max power 1440WH
Output voltage 12V DC/5V USB
Solar panel (2 piece)
Max power 100 Watts
Max Power Voltage 18.2V
Cell type Monocrystalline silicon
Busbar 9bb
Dimension 830*670*30mm
Weight 5.5kg
Battery (2 piece)
Rated Capacity 60Ah
Operating Voltage 7.8V ~ 12.6V
Battery type Ternary lithium
Standard cycle life >2500
Dimension 190*170*135mm
Weight 3.8kg
Controller (1 piece)
Controller type PWM
System Voltage 12V
Rated charge current 20A
Rated discharge current 20A
Solar bracket 1 piece(to fix solar panel and solar controller)
Waterproof box 280*190*100mm
U-type hoop 8-14U-type hoop(2)
Consumption Cable 5ADC male cable(1M)
Screw M8 screw(4)
Package Size 1090*725*285mm





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