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Network Cabinet NC003

Product Name:Network Cabinet
Part No.:
Brand: Anfkom
Using Life:20 Years
Loading Port: Shenzhen,Shekou
MOQ: 1pcs
Packing: Carton Box
Shipping Mark: Anfkom
Lead Time: 15-20 days
Country of Origin: China



The standing server network cabinet is a cost-effective cabinet that can be installed in equipment rooms or in office environments where aesthetics are important. The frame made from comes with steel side, top and rear door plus a toughened glass front door, two pairs of shelf rails are provided for mounting shelves and other accessories in the 600mm\800mm and 960mm deep cabinets.19” telecommunication and data racks designed for installing patch panels, active components for Ian construction, modems, industry-controlling devices, stage lighting control, monitor equipment etc. An unassembled rack is equip-Ped with 2 pairs of 19” movable vertical extrusions, one pair of side panels with quick release locking fastener, tempered glass front door with lock, rear metal door with lock. Increase operation reliability for inside equipment, strong structure with a maximum static


Range Of Medium Duty Cabinets Of Durable Modular Construction
With Tempered Glass Locking Doors section doors, Enable ventilation and reliable operation
Lockable removable side panels
Several lockable wiring holes on Top/Botto, Size of the large hole at the bottom adjustable
The frame can be moved according to requirement, U was marked in the frame to identify the height
Bottom base can fix the cabinet, Cable entry, Airflow, Avoiding arts
Can be customized to individual requirements, Without doors, Sides And/Or the top panel
Earthing screw
Adjustable angles
Cabinets are vented to allow cooling
Standard color is computer grey
No tools are required to change the door from left hand to right-hand opening


The Standing Server Cabinet Is A Cost-Effective Cabinet That Can Be Installed In Equipment Rooms Or In Office Environments Where Aesthetics Are Important.The Frame Made From Comes With Steel Side, Top And Rear Door Plus A Toughened Glass Front Door, Two Pairs Of Shelf Rails Are Provided For Mounting Shelves And Other Accessories In The 600mm\800mm And 960mm Deep Cabinets. 19″ Telecommunication And Data Racks Designed For Installing Patch Panels, Active Components For Lan Construction, Modems, Industry-Controlling Devices, Stage Lighting Control, Monitor Equipments Etc. Unassembled Rack Is Equipped With 2 Pairs Of 19″ Movable Vertical Extrusions, One Pair Of Side Panels With Quick Release Locking Fastener, Tempered Glass Front Door With Lock, Rear Metal Door With Lock. Increase Operation Reliability For Inside Equipment, Strong Structure With Maximum Static Load Of 500 Kg Up. Several Lockable Cable Entrance On The Top/Bottom Plate.


22U:600×800×1200 mm
27U:600×800×1400 mm
32U:600×800×1600 mm
37U:600×800×1800 mm
42U:600×800×2000 mm
47U:600×800×2200 mm





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