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Difference between UTP/FTP/STP/SFTP

The present market in five categories(cat5)Super five categories(cat5e)Six classes(cat6)Give priority to,Including the shielding(UTP),Single block(FTP&STP)And double shield(SFTP)

(1) Unshielded Twisted Paired:Unshielded twisted pairUTPAnd is the most used wiring system, suitable for the transmission bandwidth250MHzThe following, no special performance requirements of network applications, its advantage is the overall performance is good, price cheap, construction and maintenance more convenient.Has already reached the six kinds of wiring systemShielded twisted-pair cableThe performance of the limit.

(2) Foil Twisted-Pair:Aluminum foil shielded twisted-pair cableFTP, large bandwidth, strong anti-jamming ability, has the characteristics of low smoke zero halogen.Relative, shielded wire than shielding wire price and installation costs, cable bending performance is a bit poor. More than six before class line and shielding system using this form.

(3)Shielded Twisted-Pair: Independence is shielded twisted-pair cableSTP, each pair of lines has a foil shield, with four line together with a common metal braided shielding layer, this is the standard seven class line structure.It is suitable for the application of high-speed Internet, providing highly confidential transmission, support the new application of the future, help to unify the current application of the network cabling platform, making everything from E-mail to multimedia video information, can be in the same set of high-speed transmission in the system.

(4)Double shielded twisted-pair cable(SFTP),On the basis of the aluminum foil increase a layer of woven mesh.Commonly used for aluminum magnesium wire woven wire mesh,Also useful tin wire or tin plated copper wire,Anti-interference and highly confidential transmission,Suitable in professional cabling project.



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